Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Panoramic Views

I have been working on a different size canvas to normal to try and get a sky with more movement.
This painting is about half way through but already the sky is becoming windswept.
Now the landscape will need to catch up and move with it. I am using the idea of lashing rain on the right hand side to create some cohesion. The next challenge will be to keep that immediacy once I've put the rest of the layers down.

 'Warming Skies' was a canvas I started last year but didn't quite get it finished in time for the Arts Trail. It's taken a few goes but the sky is starting to look like it has a convincing structure. The falling light isn't quite there but the canvas was too wet to push it any further. This must be the most finished work to date as I'm starting to think of details and glazes to really make it sing out.

'Warming Skies'

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