Saturday, 24 October 2020

Christmas Printing

I've had a busy month printing some Christmas products for my Etsy shop. I have been wanting to put some Christmas designs together for some time. I must admit that once we are out of the Christmas season I don't give it much thought until the next Christmas, by which time the selling season has passed and there's no way I would be able to get anything completed in time. This year I was determined to sit down and get on with it. I would really love to include the amazing wildlife I keep seeing around us, but for the moment I have been satisfying myself with a few basic Christmas 'themes' for example the striking Nordic theme and the Christmas Robin. 

Cutting the designs in Lino

The red print on these tags has been so pleasing to produce that I have started think about a card design ready for next Christmas. It certainly has been a strange experience thinking about Christmas through out the summer months. I have had to question myself drawing out Robins in blazing sunshine.

My challenge for this coming year will be to go out with my sketch book and start drawing what is around me.....but I'm getting ahead of myself...…back to this Christmas!!

Gift Tags strung and photographed

Nordic Gift Tags detail

My squirrel lino is slightly more in keeping with my art work. Originally he was intended for a range of nature cards. Now I'm thinking more in the way of a Christmas card but I feel he needs some kind of festive background or decorative design to make him a bit more fun! Its an idea I will have to tinker with as I'm not sure I will sort it out in time for the Christmas shopping season. He may also appear on some oversized Christmas Tags...or notebooks......oh my goodness, the ideas are endless!

Squirrel linocut printed in black ink to check the cut

In the end I had to make a decision about what I was to focus on so the classic Christmas Robin won the day. I did  a series of test prints on different card stock with different layouts but in the end I went for a central design with two colours, again the classic red and green. 

Robin Linocut with some design edition

So here we are, finally I have completed a Christmas Card fit for selling! I made up a jig to line up the two colour printing and away I went. I did try out a version with silver stars but decided it was a little too fussy. I am quite pleased with myself as its been endless months of trying out ideas, but finally I have something satisfactory in my hands.
I am busting to get back to my painting but hopefully over the next six months there will be a few more Christmassy designs that come to life now that I've started the ball rolling.

Test print for this years Christmas Card in my Etsy shop