Tuesday, 21 November 2017

The Beginning of an Idea

This week it's all been about the under painting. This is a set of paintings depicting cloud formations that we get along the south coast of England. Some are taken from looking out to sea while others have been observed across farm land between Chichester and Portsmouth. Being next to the sea we get some amazing skies at dusk, this summer being particularly stunning, so depicting them in paint has been reasonably straight forward.

Seeing how they sit together

As I painted them in quick succession the colours in these underpaintings are sitting together quite nicely and are working well as a series. If this continues I will hang them in a square formation at the arts trail.

Drying Paintings
Having spent all day working on them I will have to wait a few days before I can apply the next layer. If I decide to start introducing glazes I may have to wait a week otherwise I risk lifting the paint underneath.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Storm Clouds and Underpaintings

Back in the studio from my trip to Cornwall and the amazing smell of the oil painting is filling the air. The pallet is loaded, the easel is set up and my head is full of ideas of big landscapes with sweeping atmospheres.

Paints on the pallet
I have had a clear up and found a selection of small canvases to get my initial ideas down, then from there I will work up to some very large canvases that I bought earlier in the year.

Small canvases at the ready
As painting is a bit more of a free flowing experience for me, compared to the printing, it doesn't take long to work out where I am going with this. The romantic atmospheric sweeping landscape is starting to breathe life and every brush stroke is melting into the next.

Under painting working out colours and composition
I now have a series of exciting paintings to work on ready for the 2018 Arts Trail. I don't know how many will have a splash of red but this one seems to be working.