Monday, 13 July 2020

A Busy Etsy Update

What a busy month! I have finally updated my Etsy Shop, which has been on my jobs list for probably over a year, and launched my hand made notebooks while trying to be patient over my new studio roof.
It's been very exciting learning the book binding process. It is something I have wanted to try for some time and was so pleased with my first attempts that I have launch a few straight into my Etsy shop. With still no proper studio set up its also been ideal to make in the house as I can bind a few in the evenings without making too much mess!
Folding and cutting the book blocks
Sewing each block by hand
Using my own textile prints for book cloths has meant that each notebook is totally my own design.
I still have some way to go before I can develop my textiles into fabric based designs but they are serving very well as book covers. Of course now that I have started working with the materials I am thinking of a range of designs that I can try out. There's always some idea ticking away in the background!
Using my textile prints as book cloths
Colours have become incredibly important when putting each book together. I have suddenly realised you cannot just fling odd bits at one another and it will look OK. This may sound like the most basic idea in design but I suddenly found myself rummaging through boxes looking for the exact coordinating colours to match book cloth, book blocks, end papers and ribbon. Slightly the wrong shade of yellow or wrong pattern can look disastrous with very little effort so as I have been thinking about new designs I have also been taking on board how colours and patterns and images are all going to work as one. 
Orange and Red Tulip small notebook

Yellow Tulip Journal

Blue Cornish Mackerel Blank Greetings Card
 As I was testing out my new ideas I thought I'd have a quick trial with my Cornish Mackerel Linocut to see how it would print on to blank greetings cards and was so pleased with these that as soon as they were dry they were photographed and in my shop. Its been great to see this linocut being used across a variety of mediums. Again it was a simple idea that just seems to keep giving. I am mulling over the idea of having the design made up into a screen print to expand my textiles but then again I'm very keen to work on a design based on different fish. Soooo many ideas soooo little time to get them done!
White Cornish Mackerel Blank Greetings Card
 And finally my last idea that has worked really well! I had an idea of making an aperture in the book cover in order to insert one of my prints just to give my notebooks that arty edge, so I took my wood engraving of a Green Finch that I did a couple of years ago and hey presto! It makes the book unique and it's great to see another of my own designs applied to another format. 
Aperture Journal with Green Finch Insert
I now have a busy few weeks ahead stocking my Etsy Shop up with new designs while I wait for a new roof to be put on my studio. I simply can't wait to move it and get set up again. I have canvases that are just busting to have some paint on them and with the amazing Cornish landscape around me there is plenty of inspiration.