Monday, 27 February 2017

The Strange Development of Tempestuous Skies

It's quite normal for me to have a few wrestles with my paintings as the dark and light are always competing for space but the fight started quite early in this one. The original idea was to revisit a painting, 'Deluge', which I did a few years ago in acrylic and work it in oils but expand the clouds out.
 Step 1; I painted the sky in and went in quite heavy with the colours as I knew where everything was going but it all looked a bit 'hairy' and needed to be smoothed out.

'Tempestuous Skies'  Step 1
 Step 2; I decided to knock back the brown in the clouds in order to develop the atmospheric layers and try and establish that transient feeling of the clouds being blown around. I knew I'd taken quite a lot out, but that was OK as it would be replaced by glazes later on and it would give me an opportunity to paint clouds receding into the distance.

'Tempestuous Skies'  Step 2
 Step 3; This is where I take a leap of faith....... I decided to build up the layers using the Chiaroscuro technique and keep going until I was happy with the overall balance. I  painted in highlights of clouds quite thickly in places which started to unbalance the composition. In my mind I know what the end game is but it's still making me nervous as there's a lot to do to pull the clouds back into place.

'Tempestuous Skies'  Step 3
I am hoping that step 4 will be the re-introduction of some of the paint I originally took out but it will be a tricky evolution over the next few weeks.

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