Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Green Shadows

The past few days have been cold and damp so I had to wait a little longer for the green layers to dry....roll on summer! Layer 9 was quite easy as I was only looking to add highlights to the leaves at this point. I didn't want too much contrast so it was just a case of adding a darker green to layer 8.

'Snowdrops'  Layer 9
Layer 10 needed to be a particular shade of green as this was about the casting shadows of the leaves. The green looked more subtle when I mixed it, but printed much stronger on the paper. I added a small amount of Burn't Sienna to neutralise the Phthalo Green for cool shadows. The next job will be to make two layers of green that give these shadows dimension, as they will cut across the mid-ground.....hopefully!

'Snowdrops'  Layer 10

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