Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Orange Beaks

The orange layer of beaks and feet have now been pulled. The orange was an equal mix of yellow, yellow ochre, extender and a touch of vermilion to warm the whole thing up.
A touch of orange
More stencils had to be cut which took a little time but once I was organised I was up and running. 20 puffins prints were soon hanging up drying in the studio.

Lino inked up and stencils cut
The extender made the beaks much more tacky than I expected.there was a fine line between too much ink and no ink at all, but as a lot of it will be covered by a dark orange I think the overall effect should work quite well.
Close up of orange beaks
I recently fitted my studio with day light bulbs, which is wonderful while you are working, but it is causing havoc while trying to photograph my work so the colours are a little off and yes that is my shadow in the right hand corner. It's becoming mildly irritating as no matter where I stand I am always casting a shadow across the work but you can get an idea of how far the print is progressing.

Very grey puffins
Next step will be to cut yet more stencils for a darker orange then onto the rest of the birds. Everything is looking very unbalanced but as the final ink layer will be black I know the whole thing will pull together in the end.

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