Friday, 4 August 2017

Experiments into Textiles

There is a storm ragging across the South Coast of England today so it's been a great opportunity to mess around with some printing ideas and try out a bit of textile printing. As I enjoy sewing in my spare time it seemed the obvious thing to try, so inspired by some textile artists and patterns I had seen on the internet I cut some scraps of lino and mounted them on blocks. With some remnants of cotton I set to work using some textile printing ink.

Lino printing blocks
This pattern was inspired by the print maker Jane Walker, who makes bold shapes and patterns in her still life prints. I like the organic shapes and thought it was one of the more successful patterns as I can link it with the art work I make about natural objects.
I had just enough fabric to sew it into a purse with co-ordinated black lining which really enhanced the printed fabric.

Small hand printed purse
As I could only print with black textile ink I decided to have a quick go and printing onto paper in a range of different colours just to see what it would look like. If I decide to print these onto textiles I think I will be  a lot more choosy about my colour combinations as these colours didn't really do it for me but the process was interesting 

Mock up of peg bag
I made a quick mock up of a peg bag and started to think about the possibility of making fabric storage bags and buckets in the future....possible designs for my Etsy Shop in the future?
A variety of colours and patterns

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