Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Beaks, Feet and Stencils

Carving away at the beaks and feet didn't take too long so it's been quickly onto the next layer giving those beaks that distinctive bright orange.

Carving out the beaks
Bright orange was mixed using vermilion, yellow ochre and a small amount of extender.

Bright orange
Stencils had to be recut and positioned individually but with a little tweaking they did their job.

Inked up and ready to go
The stencils lasted well enough for ten prints before having to be replaced.
Stencils in action
The next step was to do a fiddley bit of carving on the feet and then pull the next 20 prints.

Deep red for shadows
Vermilion red and a touch of didn't dilemma form the shadows on the feet and bring out some of the textures.

Feet just waiting for some rocks
The feet do look a little fuzzy but this will get tightened up as the next layers go on.
Detail of feet
Next will be a series of Grey's casting shadow and making textures on the feathers and rock.

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