Monday, 27 March 2017

Snowdrops Dilemma

A day in the studio that should have been dedicated to painting has turned into printmaking. With the Arts Trail only 3ish weeks away I thought I would push on with the Snowdrops and get them drying in the lovely warm sunshine we have this week.
Layer 11 had already been printed last week in a haze of jet lag and I had been reasonably happy with the casting shadows on the leaves, but I was about to shoot myself in the foot.
'Snowdrops', Layer 11
I cut away the mid-tones of the leaves thinking there would only be one more pass of green and then a background colour.
The penultimate cut 
 I checked the green against my colour swatch and all looked good,
A very dark green
In fact it does look fine in the print. The green tone works perfectly making a lovely shadow on the leaf. But then it dawns on me...this is a very dark green, so what next? This layer of green was where I had hoped to end up and I still have one more pass to go. 
'Snowdrops', Layer 12
I am now scratching my head as to where to go next. Should I deviate from the plan and print a different background colour or should I go for something closer to my original plan and go for a transparent turquoise to set the flowers off. Luckily I have quite a lot of painting to work on so it will give me time to mull the problem over.

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