Monday, 6 March 2017

Golden Horizon

Last seen 'Golden Horizon' was looking a little worse for wear as I had created too much contrast between the yellow and blue in the sky. It was looking flat with little composition or perspective, so it was a case of having a break and coming back with fresh eyes to tackle all the problems.

'Golden Horizon' in February
The first job was to work on that alarming blue. I toned the whole thing down so it had some relationship to the light source (in this case the sun melting into the horizon) and made sure that the subtle changes of colour became seamless across the whole sky.

Detail of  'Golden Horizon'
While I was working on the sky it seemed appropriate to have some highlighted clouds reflecting light back. Having these cutting across the top of the canvas means I now have a defined composition, so I have added white flecks to the light source and am now waiting for it all to dry before glazing and repainting.

'Golden Horizon' with highlights

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