Monday, 20 January 2020

Cornish Re-location

It's been a year of hard decisions, long conversations and a huge amount of work but at last I have been able to re-locate my studio to beautiful Cornwall. Inspired by the wild and rugged landscape I was hoping to be settled by the Summer and working towards exhibitions and Open Studio events. Unfortunately my new studio has a leaky roof and since we've had non stop rain for several months I have had to de-camp to the house.
Moving Day

A chaotic studio with no electricity and a leaky roof
As the canvases and printing press are all tucked away in bubble wrap for the moment I have been focusing on my sketchbook and planning new prints for my Etsy shop. I have no choice but to focus on getting money together before I do anything else, but in a funny way it's making time for smaller paintings, in particular some still life paintings and using linocut prints to stock my Etsy shop which has been nothing but neglected with moving house.
Looking to stock up my Etsy shop over the next few months
I'm sure by the time I can get back into my studio I will have done all my prep for all the big canvases that are just sitting there waiting.

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