Sunday, 10 June 2018

June 2018 Newsletter

May seems to have flown by and before I knew it we were well into June so time for a quick update on new paintings. With plants and flowers blooming in the countryside there has been an overload of material to work with. Although I am keeping the majority of new paintings under wraps until the work is a little more developed I can give you a sneaky peak of what is sitting in my studio.

Detail of still life underpainting

Detail of still life underpainting
 Collecting and arranging natural objects has been a major part of setting still life's up. The tricky aspect of putting together a composition that I am happy with has been quite time consuming and with more ambitious collections evolving the challenges are becoming more and more complex.

Floral Collections

Floral Arrangement 
 A foraging trip to Brighton beach was due this weekend but ended up in a tour of places of interest starting with the Lanes and ended up at the Brighton Pavilion so another beach trip will have to be scheduled for another time.

Brighton Pavillion

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