Saturday, 15 July 2017

Etsy Shop Now Open

For the past few weeks I have been distracted by opening my Etsy Shop which has meant that the Puffins print has been on hold. I then spent a week trying to make a decision on whether to put it in the blend layer that I had originally planned. Other distractions have crept in as well with the arrival of new printing blankets so I could get on with some collagraphs.....maybe.....just as long as I don't get distracted by something else.

Planning my next move in the studio
After pacing up and down and wringing my hands a lot, I finally made a decision to not do the blend as I thought it might kill the delicate blue and take away from the puffins themselves. 
Removing the background
So instead I cut out the background and printed a very pale grey that will now form the basis for the rest of the print.
Showing a touch of grey
Now I've made that decision I can see the next few steps forward so hopefully everything will be a little more straight forward.

In the mean time visit my shop;
I have stocked it with a selection of small prints, original art works and hand printed cards

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